Staking pools

Stake tokens to earn more tokens
Canva Island Pools is a less resource-intensive alternative to mining. It lets you use your tokens to earn more tokens, for free and without limits. Simply put in pool your cryptocurrency to receive rewards. From the very beginning, a user could stake only $CANVA tokens in exchange for more $Canva. Later, there are more opportunities, our users can stake other tokens in exchange for $CANVA
Commissions and burn mechanism
Commission Fee for an Early Withdrawal: Please remember that after you have staked with Canva Island pool, you can withdraw your tokens without a fee after a specific deadline. So if users start before 40 days run out, they need to pay a commission of 20% from the deposit amount. Users can unstake without fee after the lock term has passed. This amount will be used to burn the canva token
Harvest fee: Every time you withdraw profit from the pool, you pay a fee of 3% of the harvest amount. This amount will be sent to the burn address.