Welcome to CanvaIsland

GameFi ecosystem
Introduction Canva Island
🌴 Canva Island is a progressive decentralized ecosystem consist of Metaverse with open world, DeFi platform,wallet and other products powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Within the CanvaIsland metaverse, users can create their own town on NFT lands, explore open-world, monetize their content and earn tokens.
• Just imagine an open world where you can identify yourself as anyone you want. You can spend time in the virtual world doing what you like and get tokens for it, appreciation from other users, and more, thanks to blockchain technology.
• Join huge communities by interest or to reach common goals in our metacommunity. Have fun at the different thematic events you couldn't attend before.
• Reach new heights in completely new professions.
• Create the craft that allows you to earn every second
We have been developing our ecosystem since 2021, currently it includes Metaverse, DeFi platform, Canva Wallet, all built around the $CANVA token. Stake, make money in the metaverse, invite your friends, participate special events and much much more awaits you at Canva Island.