Canvaisland drivers
Dyo Dyo, Founder
Dyo Dyo, Founder. «All my life I have been into IT and gaming. I have an experience in IT company as the head of analytical group. Managed large projects. Analytical mindset, as well as huge experience in MMORPG games.»
Lucas C., Product Manager
Lucas C., Product Manager. Crypto enthusiast with 10 years of experience. Developed ideas and concepts for many large blockchain projects Tier-2
Eduard Ve, Advisor
Eduard Ver.,Advisor. Has held leadership positions in Web-3 projects
Mc Rain, Game Developer
Mc Rain, Game Developer. Developer with 30 years of experience. Dealing with all parts and areas from architecture and database to backend, frontend and tests.
Kim Whang, web-designer
Kim Whang, web-designer. >10 years expirience in web-2 projects.
Zyxit, Blockchain developers
Zyxit, Blockchain developers. Team responsible for Blockchain part.
Boram Vi., Smart contract developer
Boram Vi., Smart contract developer. 10 years experience.
ShugarMan, Web developer
ShugarMan, Web developer. Just Shugar pie.
Alex, Concept visual developer
Alex, Concept visual developer. Between 2D and 3D.
Martin Goldy, Marketing manager
Martin Goldy, Marketing manager. Extensive SMM experience in the crypto.