Ambassador Program

Be a part of CanvaIsland ecosystem
Canvaisland Ambassador Program - To expand the community and attract new gamers,creators, holders we are launching an ambassador program.
Who is this offer for? For active and energetic CanvaIsland supporters who want to take on an important mission - spread the word about CanvaIsland, become a driving force in the community, take pride of place in it.
Who can become an ambassador?
  • Content Creators
  • Owners of communities,channels and just active users of social networks
  • Group managers and translators of different languages
Here are the main criteria that we are interested in:
  • Active gaming, leadership, creativity, expertise or influence in blockchain games and NFT,DeFi communities
  • Experience in managing the global gaming/crypto community
  • Content creation skills (video, graphics, texts)
  • Passion for the play-to-earn theme and gaming blockchain ecosystems and metaverses
What will be the duties of an ambassador?
  1. 1.
    Promote CanvaIsland in accessible ways. Tell & Make posts about CanvaIsland in your social networks. Don't forget to use your referral link.
  2. 2.
    Conduct alpha and beta tests
  3. 3.
    Manage online communities in different languages in different channels (Discord, Reddit, Telegram, etc.)
  4. 4.
    Create original user-generated content, assist in the creation of a virtual brand, souvenirs, and so on, which will help promotion
  5. 5.
    Hold offline and online events, organize meetings with gaming and crypto enthusiasts. As the community grows, CanvaIsland will require blog posts, document translation, and other content creation in multiple languages. In particular, in English, Chinese, Korean, German, Spanish, French, Russian
How to apply?
If your candidacy seems interesting to us, you will receive a response to your email or Telegram.
All ambassadors and their communities who join the movement are guaranteed different benefits depending on their activity.
For example, special statuses, WL, skins showing a place in the community, tokens etc.