Play to earn

Play to earn — is a fundamental feature that takes gaming experience to the next level. Literally allowing you to translate your character's wealth into real life and also monetize your time by playing Canva Island. In classic metaverses, you will not find such a well-thought-out P2E model as in Canva Island.
Now such things as the extraction of a rare mineral, a developed land plot or a planned ambush during the gameplay will sparkle with new colors. Many different game mechanics will allow each player to find something for themselves, and thanks to a well-developed ecosystem of our metaverse, all this will be in demand and highly paid.
In this way we will reach live trading inside the Canva Island metaverse, and therefore income during the game.
Earnings will come from any activity, so you can continuously earn $CANVA tokens.
And magical sources with various rarities with the ability to improve, where you can put a token, will help multiply your funds. How can I make money in the Canva Island metaverse?
  • Completing various quests
  • Participation in events, contests
  • Farming and selling resources on different locations
  • Selling NFT objects on your land
  • Creating your own business, selling any game objects
  • Hiking to World Bosses
  • Mining/crafting of various resources on your land
  • Participating in various mini-games created in the Canva Island metaverse