Islands, NFT Lands

About islands and NFT lands
The first island (Sold out) — it's 256 unique sectors in NFTs form on the Ethereum network, sectors divided into 5 levels. This island has a significant part in our ecosystem, because this island was the start of our metaverse. The owners of the island can build various objects. All lands were sold in seconds and are now available only on OpenSea
First island (256 lands)
Number of sectors
0.01 ETH
Level 1
0.05 ETH
Level 2
0.1 ETH
Level 3
0.2 ETH
Level 4
0.3 ETH
Level 5
0.5 ETH
🔥 (NEW. Coming soon) The second island - there are 1024 unique NFT-land sectors on the Ethereum network. These sectors make investment sense for creating a base and developing our metaverse. After the land acquisition, the owners will gradually receive various benefits. The function of minting land sectors and the launch of the island will be in the near future. Follow the announcements on our social networks.

Benefits for NFT-land owners:

  • Possibility of construction of different buildings, objects
  • Participation in unique quests for land owners
  • Access to NFT staking and other pools (Soon)
  • Passive income from land ownership (Soon)
  • Creation and implementation of quests on the own territories
  • Extraction of various resources (Soon)
  • Access to land owners chat (Soon)
  • Ability to sell NFT-land through our NFT marketplace, Open Sea or any other platforms
  • Holding quests in own territories
  • Creating own business by your own rules
Investment model for NFT land owners. We encourage users to grow the Canva Island metaverse and so all land owners can use NFT-staking to earn $CANVA tokens. Land sectors are divided into levels and have different investment meanings.
Distribution of rewards among holders of NFT lands (Soon)
About 5% of the tokens are allocated to Canva Island land owners. Tokens will be distributed to each level of the land. Therefore, as higher the level of your sectors, as more rewards you can get. Resulting % can be calculated in the following way: a \ b * c = x a – % allocated for level b – number of sectors on this level c – the number of sectors you have x – resulting % from the pool of owners