For NFT owners

Canvaisland Metaverse

Each NFT group will have its own purpose, which may differ from island to island and make various investment sense.

Land Sector ownership - gives ownership of one land plot on the NFT island. By purchasing plots on a different islands, users will get access to the functionality of this island: Building objects, ability to sell their NFTs. Many ways to earn $CANVA tokens. Access to closed community among land owners and much more!
PFP Avatars - 10,000 unique avatars from our team that will highlited you and give you many advantages. In addition, there will be integration of other PFP projects and directions into our Canva Island metaverse. The possibility of earning with your avatars.
Nickname - makes it possible to use a readable nickname above your character (instead of wallet number part). Creating individually and should be unique.
Accessories - gives individuality. The character will have N-number of inventory slots for different accessories (can be created by the community)
Emotion animations - in addition to the basic set, additional unique animations, dance/flip/laugh and much more (can be created by the community)