About metaverse ecosystem
Here we will try to show you clearly how each piece of our ecosystem is connected to each other and combined into one big growing ecosystem

1-st stage

Includes basic features for user/land-owner:
  • Ability to purchase land sectors
  • Ability to build objects on own land
  • Ability to create avatars
  • Ability to hold various activities and events in our metaverse
  • Create your own community in the metaverse
  • Private NFT show, fashion show
  • Creating activities on their land
  • Organizing educational events within the metaverse or personal meetings
  • Creating a business on your land
  • Participation in limited quests Functionality will be expanded in the near future

2-nd stage (soon)

The world exists by the rules of classical role-playing games, where everyone chooses a role and plays it. And to grow, you need to cooperate, trade, fight, and farm resources. Game mechanics provides different cases and options for the development of both the character and the whole world.
  • Farm resources
  • Destroy world bosses
  • Join clans
  • Create weapons, jewelry, clothing
  • Buy and sell on the NFT marketplace
  • Upgrade items
We will try to reach a new level of game economy, where the live market produces supply and demand itself.